Upright Rugby Development Programs

Youth Summer Rugby Camps

Our summer camps are a great way to reinforce current skill sets for young players with some experience or provide a fun learning experience for those that are new to the game.

Winter Indoor Touch Rugby

Our co-ed indoor touch rugby leagues are a fun and enjoyable way to keep fit in the winter months while working on someone’s skills in preparation for the spring/summer.

Spring Training Camps

At our weeklong camps, we strive to provide a rugby learning experience like no other. The top players and coaches in our area will be on-hand to provide quality instruction in skill development, strategies and tactics, decision-making, as well player awareness and self-development.

Player Development Program

Upright Rugby uses a player-centered model of learning that best provides for developing needs of young, aspiring rougby players.



ceo"Personally, I see so much benefit to the program you run; there is a definite need for this level of training in our [rugby] community and others. I can't believe the progress that the athletes made and their desire to improve for the overall love of the game. I learned alot for sure and definitely want to be involved again!"

CEO, ISP Technologies AG, Zurich

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